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Our SOLSTICE family is currently growing, therefore from June-September we will have limited studio hours. In September we are excited to welcome you back with our regular schedule. In this interim maternity period we will continue to be available for you on Thursdays at the studio- so plan in advance as hey book up fast!

SOLSTICE is a therapeutic massage studio in Amsterdam West. We are a team of compassionate, international female massage therapists with different backgrounds in holistic health, massage, pre-natal care & physiotherapy. We specialize in Swedish, Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage, Post-Natal Massage & Buccal Massage treatments. It is a safe and serene place for you to recharge body, mind + spirit. All treatments are done on a heated massage table with natural oils. With calm music, ambient lighting and a caring ear from your massage therapist- you will always feel completely taken care of here.


Are you a freelancing professional massage therapist, with training in pregnancy massages & interested to work some evenings/weekends?

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Dana is on currently on maternity leave until September- stay tuned by email & social media updates for her return back to the studio!

Dana has over 12 years experience in professional massage therapy. Providing care to others has been an important part of her life for many years. She is passionate about holistic healing, body work & natural stress relief methods. Her specialities are Swedish, Pregnancy/Postnatal & facial massage treatments.

She values each and every treatment- & you’ll always feel heard & cared for by her at the studio.


Victoria is not only a therapeutic massage therapist- but also on her journey to becoming a Dutch physiotherapist. Additionally, she is a licensed Thai massage therapist & certified yoga teacher. Her unique blend of skills and a genuine passion for well-being make her your trusted partner on your wellness journey.

As a mother, she understands the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy and (early) motherhood. Her compassionate approach creates a safe & nurturing space where you can unwind.

She takes the time to listen to your needs and preferences, ensuring that every massage is a personalized & fulfilling experience.


An anatomy nerd at heart, Kristy’s approach to massage is rooted in the belief that healing touch can be the best preventative medicine. She has extensive training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Prenatal, & Myofascial Release techniques.

By integrating her knowledge of the body & massage methods, Kristy supports the body’s natural healing process and allows space & time to release tension, ease injury, as well as promote healthy & joyful movement.

View online at time of booking which therapist is available on your chosen day of appointment.



our studio

The studio is a safe and comfortable environment to relax and shut off from the outside world. Turn your phone off & give yourself the downtime you deserve.

We at work by appointment only, so secure your spot online as walk-ins are not available.

Please arrive on time- but more than 5 minutes in advance is not necessary.

We are a small boutique massage studio and have no separate waiting area, therefore please bring only yourself to your appointments.

opening hours

M | 9:00 – 16:30

T | 9:00 – 16:30

W | 9:00 – 16:30

TH | 16:00 – 21:00




Occasionally the studio has additional openings outside of regular business hours. All available appointments are updated online.




45 minute treatments | 70€

60 minute massage treatments | 80€

75 minute massage treatments | 95€

90 minute massage treatments | 110€

120 minute massage treatments | 150€


(All pricing 21% BTW inclusive)


please note

We require 24 hours notice for cancellations or changes, to respect the time of therapists and other clients trying to book.  

We’re human, and understand that emergencies happen sometimes- but other changes made within this timeframe may incur a 50% cancellation fee. 

For no-shows 100% of your treatment cost will be charged. 

Please read the FAQ’s to answer other questions you may have & thank you for your understanding!

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relax + recharge

what is it?
Relax + Recharge are relaxation massage treatments designed for those days when you’re craving a mind and body break.  Whether its from a crazy work week with deadlines, taking time for yourself to slowly recover from burn out or feeling like you need some you-time out of a busy home- we’ve got you covered.

what to expect:
Long, soothing and nurturing strokes.  Pure comfort and bliss.  These treatments are designed to get you out of your head and in touch with your body.  During your conversation with your therapist at the beginning you can discuss what you’re seeking from treatment, and what you’ve got going on.  With natural oils, relaxation music and slow and intentional massage strokes- this treatment is meant to both calm and reset in times of stress, or when you feel your body + mind needs a little extra love.

Please read our FAQ below prior to booking.

Relax + Recharge is available in sessions of 45, 60, 75, 90 + 120 minutes.

solstice signature swedish

what is it?
Our most common & well-known version of massage. Swedish Massage can be administered as a full body treatment or on certain areas to address specific physical problems. All treatments are tailor-made based on your specific needs and complaints. You will have a short discussion when you arrive to decide what you are looking for, and what type of treatment might benefit you.

what to expect:
Long gliding strokes and different pressure based on what your body needs. Can be incredibly relaxing and physically therapeutic.

 Please read our FAQ below prior to booking.

Signature Swedish Massages are available in 45, 60, 75, 90 + 120 minutes.

deep swedish

what is it?
A deeper version of Swedish Massage. Strokes are generally administered with more pressure and work into the deeper muscle layers, fascia and connective tissue. Deep Tissue uses the same techniques as general Swedish, and is a favourite of athletes- and also enjoyed by others who are less sensitive to pressure and looking to feel “worked” after the treatment.

what to expect:
It is Swedish massage, but heavier. Deep Swedish can be associated with some muscle sensitivity on the day of treatment or the following day, depending on the client. This is a normal inflammatory reaction, and will subside in the coming days. Being honest with your therapist about how the massage feels will help to prevent unnecessary soreness. This type of treatment can be uncomfortable at times, but it shouldn’t be painful. Communicate with your therapist if you feel like the pressure is too much- feedback is always appreciated.

Please read our FAQ below prior to booking.

Deep Swedish is available in sessions of 45, 60, 75 + 90 minutes.

solstice pregnancy

what is it?
For expectant mothers, with the hardest working bodies. While your body changes during pregnancy, you can experience new aches and pains. Pelvic movement, difficulty sleeping and swelling are just a few of the causes. Massage during pregnancy is a safe and non-invasive way to take care of your body during one of its most intense roles ever. Whether its for a chance to give your body a break, or to calm your mind from the stress and anxiety related to a new pregnancy – this is the one for you.

what to expect:
Absolute bliss and feeling fully supported. We use a pregnancy table with a supportive leather sling to hold the belly – this allows you to lay your face down and relax completely. With breast support and adjustable belly support, the sling can be adjusted to pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. Many expectant mothers enjoy the treatment from the moment they arrive at the table and can enjoy lying face down again. Typically pregnancy treatments are administered to all of the pregnancy ‘pain zones’ such as the hips, around the pelvis, upper back and shoulders with a flush to the legs to improve circulation. Long, nurturing strokes will help ease you into deep relaxation, to take some of the stress off your body- as it deserves for one of it’s most challenging roles ever. 

NOTE: As with all new things pregnancy related- always consult with your physician or midwife prior to treatment to ensure massage is right for you and your body. They are the most important source of information and care for you & baby. If you are in the earlier stages of pregnancy, please wait until after your first midwife appointment- with clearance from them before booking a massage at the studio. Pregnancy massages are not recommended for women with low blood pressure.

Please read our FAQ below prior to booking.

Solstice Pregnancy sessions are available in 45, 60 + 75 minutes.

solstice new mama

what is it?
A post-natal massage, designed specifically for the body of a new mother.  Navigating the physical and emotional changes that come alongside motherhood can be challenging- this massage was created to help you along that process. It’s a Swedish style massage, with attention to all of the painful areas new mamas crave. Whether its postural pain caused by nursing, bottle feeding or carrying baby, or just time needed away with yourself during this beautiful but hectic period in time- we are here to support your body & mind.

what to expect:
Pure bliss, comfort, rest & support. After a short conversation with your therapist- we will determine exactly what your body is experiencing post-labour. With attention paid to extra bolsters for tender breasts, pelvic pain and different positioning options- we will ensure you feel totally comfortable and taken care of. New mama’s can be anywhere from post-partum to a year after birth. This treatment is the moment for you to recharge, relax & get the moment of you-time you deserve after long days and short nights taking care of your little one.

NOTE: Post-natal massages are open to women as soon as your body feels comfortable enough to lay on your stomach & your back for the duration of treatment. A good indicator is if you’re comfortable laying at home on both sides of the body for a length of time, then you will be on the massage table as well. If you have any doubts about safety depending on your specific birth experience, check with your midwife prior to booking. With women who’ve had a cesarean, it’s important to wait minimum six weeks post-labor, for your incision to be fully healed & cleared by your medical professional before booking this treatment.

Please read our FAQ below prior to booking.

Solstice New Mama is available in sessions of 45, 60, 75, 90 + 120 minutes.


Contraindications for massage treatments?

-With all systemic diseases, ie: Cancer, AIDS etc. always check with your physician before booking a massage treatment.

-Open lesions on the skin, or severe eczema/psoriasis.

-Blood clots and large varicose veins.

-All contagious diseases & symptoms- flus, colds, fever etc.

Can I exercise after a massage?

Massages are usually best after a workout. Massage helps remove accumulated lactic acid from the muscles, so the perfect time is after physical activity.  If you are a very active person and used to training, your body may respond fine afterwards- but bear in mind that softened muscle tissue and aggressive training are the perfect time to strain a muscle.  At the very least stick to exercise that your body is used to, and make sure that you do not push extra weight or perform exercises that are new for your body directly after.

How often do I have to come for a massage?

Some clients come for maintenance on a monthly basis, some weekly.  It depends on your specific situation.  Prevention and maintenance- rather than waiting for the problem to be unbearable, is the best way to keep your body in a functioning state. When tension builds up and builds up during a certain period, pain starts.  If you notice the pain and respond to it before it becomes debilitating, it is much easier to work on and get back into functional condition.

What type of payments are accepted?

We accept Maestro, Mastercard, VISA & Apple Pay.  We unfortunately do not accept American Express at the studio.

Do you sell gift cards?

At the moment gift cards are not available as our studio hours will be limited over the summer months due to Dana’s maternity leave. Gift card sales will resume again nearing the end of summer- stay tuned on social media for updates!

What should I avoid after a massage?

I suggest that clients relax, avoid strenuous physical activity and try to hold on to the sense of zen that you get from your treatment.  Some customers feel extremely tired after a session, and some can go back to work without problems- it’s different for everyone.  Perhaps schedule a first session without many obligations after so that you can see how you respond.  Drink lots of water, and go easy on your body.

Is it normal to feel pain after a treatment?

You may feel slight pain, bruised or “worked” after a treatment.  These are normal body reactions because massage evokes inflammation in the body.  If you come to the studio with a long-term problem, it is more likely that you will feel it later.  Pain usually disappears after a day or two. You can speed up this process by staying as hydrated as possible.  A lot of water.  Avoid excessive alcohol day-of (to minimize dehydration) and try to get a good sleep.  If you come for successive appointments, you will probably notice that the discomfort diminishes after as your muscles soften and your body gets used to the treatment.

We are always here for your comments and concerns.
Feel free to inquire about any of our services by email at and we will respond as soon as possible.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Love + gratitude, 

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